Abortion care

A . Apply for Court order
B . Patient consent is enough
C . Parent consent is must
D . Involve child safeguarding team
E .  Encourage to involve parents
F . Partner has no right to refute Otto sign for abortion
G . Partner permission is must before abortion
H . Court need to approve abortion

Each of the following clinical scenarios below relate to women with requesting abortion services. For each patient select the single most appropriate option with respect to-ethical and legal ethical issues of consent. Each option may be used once, more than once or not at all.

1. 15year old Tina, is ward of the court and 9 weeks pregnant, Gillick competent, requesting for medical abortion

2. 14year old is 10weeks pregnant, from her current boyfriend she is Gillick competent requesting for surgical abortion, she is accompanied by her boyfriend. She gave her valid & informed consent.

3. 15year old, visiting alone to A&E with 8 weeks of pregnancy, with history of repeated miscarriages, she is refusing to involve her parents completely, she has bruises over her abdomen and thighs

4. 24year old, Julie was here 2days back to discuss surgcial termination of pregnancy. Now her husband Mr.Stuart is demanding doctor should take his consent as well before the procedure .

5. 15year old with 8weeks pregnancy requesting for medical termination, she is found to be not competent to give consent. Her mother is refusing to give consent as well

A . 200mg mifepristone
B . 800mcg vaginal misoprostol followed by 400mcg every 3 hourly
C . 400mcg misoprotol every 3hourly
D . 200mcg Misorpostol every 4th hourly
E . 200mcg Misorpostol every 6th hourly
F . 100 mcg Misorpostol every 6th hourly
G . 100 mcg Misorpostol every 4th hourly
H . 400mcg Misorpostol 
I . 600 mcg Misorpostol
Each of the following clinical scenarios below relate to of women choosing termination of pregnancy and appropriate regimen required .
For each patient select the single most appropriate option from the list above. Each option may be used once, more than once or not at all.

6. 24 year old , Jameelah,women 7weeks of pregnancy presented with bleeding P/v and history of expulsion of product of conception at home.sonographer made diagnosis of incomplete miscarriage

7. 30year old, Sara, is 13 weeks pregnant , confirmed by scan as well is for medical termination of pregnancy . She has taken 200mg of mifepristone 2days before what’s next Recommended regimen

8. Lisa, 26year old, late booker , diagnosed with potter syndrome, on anomaly scan at 21weeks for medical termination of pregnancy , the first drug to be considered to start with

9. 36 year old , Radha, diagnosed with Intaruterine feral death secondary to Severe IUGR at 29 weeks , she was counselled and she wanted to start of with termination, she is given 200mg of mifepristone , what’s next Recommended regimen

10. 26year old , Rachel,late booker baby diagnosed with complex congenital cardiac disease at 27weeks , for termination of pregnancy , started with mifepristone 36hrs, what’s next Recommended regimen