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Option List:
A. 1 in 2
B. 1 in 12
C. 1 in 3
D. 1 in 4
E. 1 in 8
F. 2 in 3
G. 2 in 7
H. 3 in 4
I. 100%
J. 0%

A pregnant woman attends the antenatal clinic with a family history of genetic tests have been performed on her and her partner, that has revealed they both are carriers of cystic fibrosis. Both are carriers of the most common mutation associated with cystic fibrosis the deltaF508 mutation. The women and her partner have some questions which they put you in clinic. Which of the answers from the list is the most appropriate?
1. If this child is unaffected, what is the chance of her having an affected child in her next pregnancy?

2. What is the chance of her having an affected son?

3. Her sisters husband has a sister affected with cystic fibrosis deficiency and has asked your patient to make enquiries for her. What are the chances of her having an affected child? Neither of them has had any genetic tests?

4. What is the chance that her child will be a carrier of cystic fibrosis?

5. What is the chance to her child being affected by cystic fibrosis?