Welcome to your EBCOG Part 1 – Amniocenteses

A pregnant woman referred to fetal medicine at 12 weeks . She has a previous baby with Thalassaemia major who requires frequent blood transfusion . She and her husband both have been investigated and found to be carrier of Thalassaemia.








G.Chorionic villus biopsy



J.10 procedures monthly

K.10 procedures annually

L.20 procedures monthly

M.20 procedures annually

N.Repeat red cell antibody test

O.No concern for red cell antibody as screen is negative

P.Offer Anti D immunoglobulin prophylaxis


1.What procedure will you advise her ?

2.While informing her about the procedure she want to know the risk with procedure. What is the additional risk of pregnancy loss with this procedure ?

3.She is quite concerned about the risk . She is worried if the specialist is competent or not .What is the minimum number of procedure to be done by the specialist to maintain competency ?

4.  She is concerned if there is any risk of injury to Fetus ?

5.     What is the risk of failure of cell culture in amniocentesis?

6. What is the risk of failure of cell culture in third trimester amniocentesis?

7.What is the risk of pregnancy loss when amniocentesis is performed in twin pregnancy by skilled operator?

8. What is the acceptable rate of repeat procedure or second sampling in amniocentesis?