Welcome to your Postpartum Hemmorage

Option List:
A. Oxytocin 5units IV
B. Oxytocin 10units IM
C. Ergometrine
D. Ergometrine - Oxytocin
E. Carboprost – 04th Dose to be given
F. Carbetocin
G. Consider shifting to OT
H. B Lynch
I. Stepwise Devascularization
J. Hysterectomy
K. Tranexamic acid I gm IV
Each of the following describes various management of women with postpartum hemorrhage. For each patient, select the single most appropriate diagnosis from the list above. Each option may be used once, more than once, not at all. 

1. 34-year-old Rebecca, into her second pregnancy, a low risk pregnancy. Which is the best drug to prevent atonic PPH?

2. 30-year-old Leslie, is undergoing elective cesarean section for breech presentation. What is the best drug for prophylaxis of PPH?

3. 34-year-old Racheal in their third pregnancy, a low risk pregnancy. She is fully dilated and pushing. She has a history of atonic PPH in her previous delivery. What is the appropriate prophylactic drug for her?