Sutures and Incisions

Option List:
For each of the following situations, please select the most appropriate healing times for different tissues. from the list, each option may be use d once more than once or none at all
A. 7-14 days
B. 14 days
C. 4-10 days
D. 14-21days
E. 6weeks
F. 8-10 days
G. 24days
H. 42 days
I. 56 days
J. 90 days
K. 100days
L. 36days
M. 150days
N. 8days
O. 5days

1. Cesarean section is one of the commonest operation During surgery ,uterus closed in layers .

2. Mrs. X is a 30-year-old who underwent a related elective cesarean section, she had 2previous cesarean sections both of which healed by secondary intention. The intraoperative period bladder was accidentally opened and sutured with Vicryl 2-0.

3. Mrs. X is a 30-year-old who underwent elective cesarean section for breech presentation as she had failed ECV. As her BMI was 40kg/m2, and subcutaneous fat more than 2cm subcutaneous tissue was sutured

4. Mr.A. Primigravida had your eventful normal delivery. she had a second-degree perineal tear which was sutured with Vicryl Rapide 2-0

5. Mrs, C underwent an Emergency laparotomy for a twisted ovarian cyst. Prolene is a monofilament suture which is used for skin closure.

Option List:
A. Joel-Cohen incision
B. Maylard incision
C. Mouchel incision
D. Pfannenstiel incision
E. Midline (median) incision
F. Grid iron incision
G. Rockey–Davis incision
H. Mcburneys Incision
I. Paramedian incision
J. Lanz Incision
K. Transeverse incision
L. Kocher Incision
M. Supra pubic Incision
N. Kustner incision
O. Cherney incision

6. Involves a slightly curved skin incision beginning below the level of the anterior superior iliac spine and extending just below the pubic hairline used in surgery for benign gynecologic disease

7. This is a straight transverse incision through the skin, 3 cm below the level of the anterior superior iliac spines widely used to perform cesareans section.

8. It is a muscle-cutting incision, in which all layers of the lower abdominal wall are incised transversely approximately 3–8 cm above the symphysis, depending on the patient habitus and indication for surgery.
Used for endometrial cancer procedures involving pelvic lymphadenectomies.

9. A transverse incision made at the junction of the middle and lower thirds of the line joining the anterior superior iliac spine to the umbilicus is sometime used for appendicectomy.

10. Incision involves transection of the rectus muscles at their insertion on the pubic symphysis and retraction cephalad to improve exposure. This can be used for urinary incontinence procedures to access the space of Retzius