Welcome to your Thromboembolism in the Postoperative Period

For each scenario described below choose the SINGLE most appropriate image for the woman who developed thrombosis in the postoperative period from the above list of options. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all.
Option List:
A. Image B
B. Image C
C. Image A
D. Image A&C
E. Image D
F. Image B&C
G. Image A& D
H. Image A&B.
I. Image B&D
J. Image C&D
K. None of the above

1. Mrs. Laurie, 55-year-old underwent TAH with BSO for Stage 1 endometrial cancer. On 7th-day post-op she has come back with swelling of right lower limb, complains of pain in legs. On examination, right leg is warmer than left and right leg circumference is also increased, suspecting deep vein thrombosis

2. Mrs. Lennie, 32-year-old, women had developed acute dyspnea after 5th day of emergency cesarean section Her BMI is 32. She has undergone emergency cesarean section under GA, as spinal failed. Confirmed pulmonary embolism

3. Ms.  Lisa, 44 years old complains of noticeable swelling of the entire leg. Tenderness on examination, abnormal swelling that stays swollen, pitting edema and low-grade fever.  The investigation confirmed she has right femoral vein thrombosis.