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EBCOG, being the umbrella organization of the European national societies for Obstetrics and Gynaecology, sets the standards of post-graduate training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology as the foundation for improvement of health care delivery.
European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (EBCOGI) is an internationally recognized benchmark of excellence, valued by healthcare employers worldwide. EBCOG has been divided into two parts

  • EBCOG Part 1

  • EBCOG Part 2 OSCE

Achieving EBCOG is considered as a golden degree for Higher specialist training of final stage of training before independent practice. Successful candidates will be admitted to ESHRE as European Fellows of Reproductive Medicine (EFRM-ESHRE/EBCOG) and will be awarded a diploma. This Qualification showcases the quality of medical practitioners with advanced knowledge in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

All you need to Know about EBCOG Part 1

EBCOG Part 1 is a knowledge-based assessment (KBA). The Part 1 examination takes place once a year during the ESHRE Annual Meeting, but further examinations may take place based on a decision taken by the examination authorities. Usually, 6 months after Part 1 examination, the Part 2 examination takes place. However, the time is subject to changes.

Eligibility Criteria

Exam Calender and Fees

EBCOG Part 1 2021 Calendar
May 2021 – TBA (Date to be Announced)

Exam Fees
Fee: 625 euros. Non-EU residents will be required to pay an extra 100 Euros.

Exam Venue:

ESHRE/EBCOG EFRM exam fees Part 1 Part 2
ESHRE Member 450 500
Non Member 550 600
Hard copy certificate 300

Exam Format

EBCOG Part 1 was a written exam consisting of two papers. Due to COVID 19 Pandemic the exam is now in RIVE format (Remotely invigilated Virtual Exam Format).
Paper 1 – 50 Questions Time Frame: 02 hours
Paper 2- 50 Questions Time Frame 02 Hours
The two papers are examined one after the other on the same day, with a 30 min break in between.
Two types of questions are used in each paper, Single Best Answer questions (SBA) and Extended Matching Questions (EMQ)
To pass Part 1 examination, candidates must pass both papers

Revision Resources

Revision materials are something which every candidate look for. For Best revision and study material for EBCOG Part 1, the sole answer is StudyMRCOG. Our Course Library provides all the study materials in one single platform for to ease your studies. Our Course Library Includes Summaries on all guidelines and Knowledge based areas, Audio Podcasts (200+), preparatory Videos, 2000+ Questions in EBCOG New exam format, Syllabus compilations etc

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Candidates are advised to visit the following webpage regarding the ESHRE training program also including theoretical and practical knowledge based on specific modules:

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Eligible candidates can apply for the EBCOG part 1 online. The application period is only open for a short period of time. Any requests for special arrangements during the exam must be submitted before the closing date for applications. Refer the below link for more details. The opening and the closing dates are announced each time well in advance on the websites. Applications submitted on paper will not be accepted. The applicants fill in the application form and submit together with it the relevant documents certifying their eligibility.


All documents submitted with the applications should be in English or translated into English. Based on the above eligibility criteria, the applicants should provide
• Copy of their identity card and proof that:
• They are medical doctors
• They are Obstetricians/Gynecologists
• They have license to practice
• They have completed at least 2 years training in Reproductive Medicine after passing the exams of general Obstetrics and Gynaecology
All documents submitted with the applications should be in English or translated into English.

All the information regarding the VISA shall be enquired to the relevant consulate. EBCOG shall provide a letter of attendance for the exam if the candidate requested when applying the exam.

EBCOG has a written cancellation policy which you should need to refer before applying for the exam. Please refer the below link


There is no restriction on the number of times one can sit Part 1 of the examination. Passing Part 1 is the only eligibility criterion for sitting the Part 2 examination.
If a candidate fails to pass Part 1 of the examination, he/she cannot sit Part 2.
Candidates who pass Part 1, should sit Part 2 within the next 3 years. If that period expires or the candidates have failed to pass Part 2 within the next 3 years of passing Part 1, they will have to re-sit Part 1.